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Metal is back!

After a hiatus Metal Bikes is back with select new and re-pop’ed shirts. Stay tuned for more!

5 thoughts on “Metal is back!

  1. Oh hell yeah!

  2. Wooooo Metal Bikes is back,so stoked on it being back if you havent seen the documentary I highly recommend it if your a jimmy levan fan or a bmx fan in general.If your a metal bikes fan then I would recommend the blu ray version where it comes with both metal bikes videos

  3. Jimmy THE man!!!

  4. Dude I am so stoked to see this man! Frames in the future?

  5. I am an older dude now – not a BMXr but I love sports… MTB, Snowboarding, Kitebording, etc. As a kid I always wanted to have a BMX but at the time where I come from we could not afford it… just a little kid from Honduras… I just saw the documentary “Go Fast Pull Hard”… I was so touched and inspired by Jimmy DaMan 🙂 story I just wanted to say… go for it Jimmy! Bring Metal Bikes back!!!!!!! Go Fast Pull Up!!!!

    Ps. I may not b able to ride BMX bikes but look forward buying some of your apparel!!!!!!!!

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